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"As there is only one Sun in Heaven, there should be only one Great Khan on Earth."


- Ghengis Khan






The Utiguri is a group devoted to the study of Hunno-Bulgar culture and involvement in Hunno-Bulgar sport. Emphasis is on the identity  of nomadic horsemen living in the Balkan Peninsula during the absence of Khans up to the reign of Kana Subigi Omurtag (between 500 and 820 ce.).


Leadership Ranking


In matters of tribal leadership, the Utiguri abide by the verning hand of the counsel of elders, known as the Boylar. There is no chain of command among the Boylar; they are equal in all matters of governance.

Boylar: The Boylar are the appointed counsel to the Khan. By tradition, this includes all ranks of Bagain and above. Among the Boylar, the Hierarchy of Leadership is equal. The decisions of the Boylar are carried out by the Khan.


Military Ranking


The military order of the Utiguri is an interpretation of historical data. On the Field of Battle, the chain of command shall be:


Khan: Chief of the Tribes and the hand of Tangra on Earth. To become Khan you must be judged by tribal elders to lead the Utiguri and you must undergo a grand ordeal of ritualistic burial from dusk until dawn. The Khan wears a White sash or adds White to an existing sash.


Kavkhan: The Kavkhan is the appointed right hand of the Khan (Vice-Khan) who serves the tribe in the absence of the Khan.


Toghlu:  The Toghlu is the appointed banner carrier and chief general of the Khan.


Tarkhan: A former Khan who has yielded to a new Khan.


Bagain: A general of the Khan in their absence. To become a Bagain, you must demonstrate superior discipline in war and leadership as judged by their elders, giving significantly to the tribe over many years. The Bagain wears a Red sash or adds Red to an existing sash.


Vatragan: A veteran warrior who has undergone their sacred ordeal, and who is filled with the Spirit of the Fire. This symbolizes the spirit of the Warrior becoming part of the hearth that is the tribe. To become a Vatragan, you must have served the tribe for two years as a Tesigan. You must undergo a spiritual ordeal under the guidance of the Khan or a Koloboor. The Vatragan wears a Gray sash or adds Gray to an existing sash.


Tesigan: A newly initiated warrior, who is filled with the Spirit of the Chalice, which holds the blood of the tribe that welcomes new initiates in body and spirit. To become a Tesigan, you must create your sash of black natural fabric (cotton, wool, linen, silk),  your caftan, and have your own weapons. You must have fulfilled 1 year as a Pelterene. The Vatragan wears a Black sash.


Pelterene: An outsider who is petitioning to be a member of the tribe of the Utiguri. A Pelterene is identified by a black sash of wool that is unfinished - no stitching or embroidery is evident upon their sash. This symbolizes the Pelterene's preparation for their Tesigan ceremony.


On top of this military hierarchy, there is a second layer of stratification for tribes of the Utiguri within geographical localities.  The above system is for when all the Utiguri get together at a united event where multiple tribes are together such as "The Pennsic Wars" or  "Ragnarok".  When a given tribe are in their geographical locality (ex. Ohio, California, Bulgaria, et cetera), the Khan overrides the local leader's decisions.


Laws of the Utiguri


Tori Ger - Laws of the camp


Every person is expected to contribute towards work around the camp.  Such work would include such things as guard duty, preparation of food for feasts, chopping firewood, setting up the camp, taking down the camp, etc.

Every person takes a fair share of food presented at feasts and other events. This would especially apply to foods which are in limited amounts such as meat and alcoholic beverages.  No seven lobster tails for one person, and one for everybody else!

Every person will get a fair share of the wealth we get as a tribe in terms of mercenary pay.

Whatever property is borrowed at the permission of the owner is to be given back in the same state that it was borrowed.  If the property is damaged, it will be repaired in full or a debt to the owner will be made in equal with the damage.  If property is accidentally destroyed, the debt will be paid back in full to the owner.

No urinating into the fire or the ashes of a previous one.

No kicking or stumbling over the threshold of anyone's Kooshta, nor placing of one's feet on the threshold.

No entering into anyone's Kooshta without their permission.


Tori Utiguri - Laws of the people


The active Utiguri must try to attend all Dagorhir Battles and the Spars that are arranged by your Kopan (local leader).

If you cannot make it to a Battle or Spar, you must try and contact someone (via e-mail or phone call) who will be there at the event.

No one is allowed to wear foreign garments without the approval of the Khan or Kopan.  Foreign garments would include non-nomadic horseman clothing and examples would be kilts, cloaks, tights, sneakers, etc.

No disobeying an order from a higher ranking Utigur. This applies to the battlefield and the division of chores around the camp.

Repair your own equipment and clothing between spars and battles such that it is completed before the next time we meet.   If you do not know how to make the repairs, feel free to ask one the Utiguri.

To become a Tesigan (Initiate Warrior of the Chalice), one must have their clothing and basic fighting equipment (ex. Caftan, Trousers, Sash, Boots, Spear and Knife) as well as spend one year as a Pelterene (Initiate) and come to one war (ex. Ragnarok, Pennsic, etc.).

Every Utigur is expected to have a minimum of two years of time from becoming a Tesigan to the time they wish to become a Vatragan (Warrior of the Fire).  They must propose ahead of time a Warrior's Ordeal for the Khan's approval, construct their Warrior's Plates on their Caftan, create their Vatragan Sash, and be able to complete 55 push-ups for men and 35 push-ups for women.  Finally they must perform the Warrior's Ordeal to become a part of the Vatraganar.





The tribe meets yearly at Dagorhir’s Ragnarok event at Cooper’s  Lake in Pennsylvania.



The Utiguri participate in Dagorhir Aggélgorod events and are lead by Kavkhan Taltosh located in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.



The Utiguri participate in Dagorhir Einherjar events and are lead by Khan Kida located in the Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio.



Historical Resources


The Language of Asparukh and the Kuber Bulgars - Vocabulary and grammar

by Peter Dobrev.


Chuvash Language - Chuvash is the most distinctive of the Turkic languages and thus cannot be understood by speakers of other Turkic tongues. Its parent language — spoken by the Volga Bulghars in the Middle Ages.


Hunnic Language - The Hunnic language is an extinct language of the Huns.


Khazakh Yurt Setup - A Kazakh family constructs a yurt for a wedding party in northwestern China.


Yurts - Also referred to as a Ger/ Kooshta - everything you ever wanted to know about them.


Steppes Forum - A Forum for discussion of Hunnish history.


Names Resources

Below are some excellent name resources for finding your Utiguri name.


Medieval Names Archive - This collection of articles on medieval and renaissance names is intended to help historical re-creators to choose authentic names.


Mongolian Naming Conventions - This page documents the current usage of Mongolian language names, and romanization of those names in Wikipedia.


Gear Resources

Below are some excellent resources for finding equipment.


Contact Taltosh for resources for purchasing bows. ljjessick@gmail.com


RenBoots  - Renaissance, cavalier, medieval, knight, musketeer and ankle boots, medieval shoes.


LeatherUp  - Most boots are about 69-74 dollars. Go for the ones that are solid black or brown colors and have treads on them for traction (that last point is important since you don't want to slip one way while asking your body to go another) (this avoids injury).

#1481 , #1458, #1443 all have decent color and treads for traction.


Fiberglas Spear cores - From McMaster-Carr. These are the best cores for spears available.


Fur/Horsetails  - From Moscow Hide and Fur


Utiguri Assorted Links


Sir Clisto's Tome - A webring of hundreds of medieval resources.

Ranier Yurt Company - A place to purchase yurts.

Pacific Yurts - A place to purchase yurts.

Dagorhir Links.




Albion Armorers - Armor Collections

Anshelm Arms and Armor

Bokalo's Armoury

As always, e-bay and Etsy are fine resources for budget chainmail and other gear.




"The path to warrior-hood is a difficult road by which an Utigur must balance spiritual growth with physical strength."




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